2023 Regional Award Winners

Region 3 had a successful championships hosted by WOGA May 20-21! Here are a few of the special awards and recognitions from the week.

Thank you to Star Service Award winner, Lisa Estep, for these photos!

Graduating Seniors

Service Awards

Rookie Coach of the Year:  Aubrey Rosilier
Development Coach of the Year:  Nicole Barrilleaux
Development Coach of the Year: Ivan Ivanov
Athlete of the Year:  Bryson Codrington
Star Service Award:  Lisa Estep

Not pictured:

  • Elite Coach of the Year:  Vladimir Vladev

Most Improved

SACS:  Tydus Johnson, Talia Johnson
BGC:  Makayla Vasquez, Annabelle Digonis, Delihla Garza
NOLA:  Phoebe Wells, Vera Louis Bukaty, Caroline Jarreau, Juliette Cambre
Leaps and Bounds:  Julian Duhe, Ann West, Ashlyn Jarrell
AGSA:  Sophia Nguyen, Giana Johnson
CCG:  Kenzie Bonner, Nickobe Lewis
AIM:  Trista Bryant, Audrey Taylor
WOGA: Olivia Chan, Romuel Pearson

Judges Awards

Best Performance (levels 2-5):  Madison Roberts-Ashtyn Watson (SACS)
Best Performance (levels 6-7):  Aniya Cummings-Bella McMillan (AGSA)
Best Performance (levels 8-10):   Zoe Baker-Bella Flemming-Eva McElhenny (WOGA)
Best Performance (international):  Hannah Davis-Gabriella Vathy-Ayla Vargas (AGSA)
Best Artistic Performance (International):   Hannah Davis-Gabriella Vathy-Ayla Vargas (AGSA)
Best Artistic Performance (Development):  tie:  Lillie Avery-Hadley Milnor (AGSA), Swain-Szapary (CCG), Zoe Baker-Bella Flemming-Eva McElhenny (WOGA)

Team Awards

Level 5: 1st:  SACS, 2nd:  AIM  3rd:  Leaps and Bounds
Level 6:  1st CCG, 2nd:  BGC, 3rd:  NOLA
Level 8:  1st:  BGC,  2nd:  AGSA, 3rd:  SACS
Level 9:   1st:  BGC,  2nd:  AGSA,  3rd:  SACS
Level 10:  1st:  BGC, 2nd:  WOGA,  3rd:  Leaps and Bounds
11-16:  1st:  AGSA
12-18:  1st:  AGSA
13-19:  1st AGSA

Not pictured:

  • Level 2:  1st:  SACS
  • Level 3:  1st:  SACS
  • Level 7:  1st AGSA, 2nd: CCG, 3rd WOGA

Spellman Scholarship Awarded

On behalf of the members of the Region 3 Acrobatics, it is our pleasure to recognize Makayla Vasquez as the recipient of a scholarship donation in the amount of $1000 in memory of Garry Spellman. Makayla is a level 10 acrobat training at Boerne Gymnastics Center.

Garry Spellman passed away on May 25, 2022, but he will be remembered for his beautiful music, unique humor, and his never-ending dedication to his family. The Region 3 Acrobatics community would like to support Lorna, his wife, along with Boerne Gymnastics Center, in this time of loss. This scholarship is a small token of the immeasurable gratitude we have for the Spellman family and their dedication
to sharing the arts with others.

Congratulations to Makayla for receiving this scholarship, and thank you to Boerne Gymnastics and the Spellmans, for investing in the lives of others.

2019 Regional Special Award Winners

Congratulations to the recipients of the Region 3 special awards and judges awards at the Region 3 Championships. The competition was jointly hosted by all clubs in the region and was held at the Castine Center in Mandeville, LA on June 1-2, 2019.

Special Award Recipients

Athletes of the Year – Alexander, Bloomfield, Digonis, Chavez-George (BGC)

Photo Jun 01, 4 26 39 PM

Athletes of the year – Alexander, Bloomfield, Digonis, Chavez-George (BGC)

This is the boys’ second year together. They all fell in love with acrobatics and are doing great at practices and competitions. The quad got first place at Cesenatico International Cup finals in Italy for level 11-16 in April this year.

Coaches of the Year

Photo of Region 3 Coaches of the Year

Region 3 Coaches of the Year: Vladi Vladev, Silviya Ivanova, Rumen Lachkov

Rookie Coach of the Year – Silviya Ivanova (LBSC)

Silviya arrived in the United States in June 2018. She attended Nationals 2018 with the team and officially began coaching for the 2018/2019 Acro season. This is her first season as an Acro Coach in the United States which is why we are nominating her for Rookie Coach of the Year. She has and continues to be a huge asset to our program at Leaps & Bounds and in the Acro community around.

JO Coach of the Year – Rumen Lachkov (BGC)

Rumen is head coach of one of the biggest teams in our Region, Boerne Gymnastics Center, and he has been working on growing not just girls’, but also boys’ participation on the team. This year there are 11 boys on BGC acro team. His athletes earned gold, silver and bronze medals in Cesenatico Acro Cup in Italy and Las Vegas Acro Cup 2019.

Elite Coach of the Year – Vladimir Vladev (AGSA)

Vladi has had a tremendous year coaching. He prepared a Senior Elite WP three World Cup events, reaching finals in each event and winning an overall 2nd place in the World Cup series. Vladi also coached the 13-19 Mixed Pair earning the first ever qualification for acrobatic gymnastics in the Youth Olympics, and a 5th place finish in an international competition in Portugal. Vladi overseas the training of 27 international level athletes in 12 pair/groups. He is also the National Team Elite coach and works with other coaches throughout the country to improve the sport as a whole.

Star Service – Ashley Rosilier

Star Service Award - accepted by Aubrey Rosilier on behalf of Ashley Rosilier

Star Service Award – accepted by Aubrey Rosilier on behalf of Ashley Rosilier

Ashley has spent countless hours helping Texas Acro as their Treasurer. She worked to set up our first regional clinic in November, creating an opportunity for Region 3 athletes to work together and pool resources. Ashley also supports acrobatic gymnastics with technical support, updating the Texas Acro website.

Service Pins

Service Pin recipients: Jennifer Stone, Brandi Wren, Ada Fahrenholt, Ivan Ivanov, Michael Hassey

Service Pin recipients: Jennifer Stone, Brandi Wren, Ada Fahrenholt, Ivan Ivanov, Michael Hassey

  • Jennifer Stone – 5 years
  • Brandi Wren – 20 years
  • Ada Fahrenholt – 15 years
  • Ivan Ivanov – 5 years
  • Michael Hassey – 5 years
  • Radostina Lachkov – 15 years (not pictured)
  • Ruman Lachkov – 15 years (not pictured)
  • Vladimir Vladev – 15 years (not pictured)

Judges Award Winners

High Score JO Levels 2-6

L5 WG (CCG) – Adele, CC & Ellie St Hilaire – combined routine 27.07

High Score JO Levels 7-10

L7 WP 13U (CCG) – Sofia Corales & Britton Desantis – balance routine 35.4

High Score International

Jr Elite 12-18 WG (WOGA) – Polina Bakman, Aubrey Nguyen, Remi Nguyen – dynamic routine 27.967

Best Artistic Performance JO Levels 7-10

L9 WG (NOLA) – Mia Mahony, Dayle Murphy, Lillian Powers – dynamic routine

Best Artistic Performance International

Jr Elite 12-18 WG (WOGA) – Polina Bakman, Aubrey Nguyen, Remi Nguyen – all routines

Regionals Countdown

We are so excited about seeing everyone in Louisiana for the 2019 Region 3 Championships! The schedule is posted on the event page along with details about the competition.

Here’s our countdown checklist we’ve been posting on Facebook. Feel free to repost and share! Be sure to tag #usagym #iheartacro #region3acro

Regionals 2019 Countdown

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