Spellman Scholarship Awarded

On behalf of the members of the Region 3 Acrobatics, it is our pleasure to recognize Makayla Vasquez as the recipient of a scholarship donation in the amount of $1000 in memory of Garry Spellman. Makayla is a level 10 acrobat training at Boerne Gymnastics Center.

Garry Spellman passed away on May 25, 2022, but he will be remembered for his beautiful music, unique humor, and his never-ending dedication to his family. The Region 3 Acrobatics community would like to support Lorna, his wife, along with Boerne Gymnastics Center, in this time of loss. This scholarship is a small token of the immeasurable gratitude we have for the Spellman family and their dedication
to sharing the arts with others.

Congratulations to Makayla for receiving this scholarship, and thank you to Boerne Gymnastics and the Spellmans, for investing in the lives of others.