Regionals Countdown

We are so excited about seeing everyone in Louisiana for the 2019 Region 3 Championships! The schedule is posted on the event page along with details about the competition.

Here’s our countdown checklist we’ve been posting on Facebook. Feel free to repost and share! Be sure to tag #usagym #iheartacro #region3acro

Regionals 2019 Countdown

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Congratulations to Region 3 Special Award Winners

Congratulations to the recipients of the Region 3 special awards and judges awards at the Region 3 Championships. The competition was jointly hosted by all clubs in the region and was held at Highland Park High School in Dallas, TX, May 19-20, 2018.

Special Award Recipients

Athletes of the Year – Emily Davis & Aubrey Rosilier

DSC_1851-EditThis Senior Elite women’s pair trains at Acrobatic Gymnastics of San Antonio. This is their second year together, during which they have achieved the following:

  • Silver Medal Geneva Acro Cup
  • 2017 USA National Champions
  • Pan American Champions
  • 4th Place World Games in Wroclaw, Poland
  • 2018 5th Place World Acrobatic Championships

The pair’s outstanding combined routine from World Championships qualifications was posted by USA Gymnastics on Facebook, and, through shares, has been viewed over 3.4 million times – and counting – by people all over the world, many of whom have never seen competitive acrobatics before. The band Distrubed, whose song they use for their combined routine, gave them a shout-out on social media and also reposted their routine on Instagram and Twitter, further spreading the beautiful sport of acrobatics to many more people across the globe.

The pair came back from World Championships determined to continue their quest for World Cup and World Championship medals next season. They practice 5 days a week – somedays twice a day – totaling 27-30 hours per week. We are proud of their dedication, hard work, and accomplishments and feel they deserve to be named Region 3 Athletes of the Year!

Elite Coach of the Year – Gawain Dupree


Head coach of Crescent City Gymnastics and coach of 13-19 WP that placed bronze at WAGC and of 12-18 MP finalists at WAGC

JO Coach of the Year – Ivan Ivanov

DSC_1920Ivan Ivanov was a very successful athlete, coach and judge in Bulgaria. His Bulgarian Champion Men’s Four took 12 medals at World Cup, World Championships and European Championships. Ivan came to the US in 2015 and coached for Kilgore ACRO. His JO athletes took 2 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze at the 2015 US Nationals. He later moved to New Orleans and teamed up with NOLA Gymnastics. His NOLA JO athletes won 2 Gold, a Silver, and Bronze in 2016, and a Gold, Silver, and Bronze in 2017.  The Federation of International Gymnastics FIG has invited Ivan to be a judge at many World Cup and World Championships. His knowledge provides a valuable asset to our JO Program in the US.

Rookie coach of the year – Jessica Renteria


Jessica retired as a senior elite women’s pair base in 2017 but has continued to be involved in acro as a clinician, choreographer, and coach at WOGA.

Star Service – Brandi Wren


Brandi stepped in to the JO chair position for our region and has helped tremendously in preparing for regional championships and helping other region board members. Brandi has also stepped up to be the meet director for Region 3 Championships and has done a great job organizing this event for our Region.

Special Recognition – Selena Peco


Selena has worn many hats throughout her acro career – many at the same time!  She’s been an athlete, coach, choreographer, parent of an athlete, administrator, volunteer and judge.

Selena started her team Fliptastics and year by year, grew her program from Level 5 up to Elite National Team Members.  Her athletes were getting noticed due to her innovative choreography and original skill elements.  It wasn’t long before Fliptastics was known on a national level as producing top athletes.  Although Selena has had so many amazing accomplishments, I can safely say that having her daughter become an elite athlete and make the USA National Team was one of her most proud and memorable moments in her career.  She enjoyed traveling to international competitions playing dual roles of coach and judge when needed.  You could always count on Selena to do whatever was needed for Team USA to succeed.

The hurricane was devastating not only for Fliptastics, but Selena personally.  Somehow she managed to continue holding together her the team she held so dearly in her heart.  Fliptastics was everything to Selena and she gave so much during those hard times to make sure that her kids could continue in the sport they loved.

Selena stepped into the role as JO Chair on the Program Committee and played an important role in creating and developing the Junior Olympic Code of Points – one of the most time consuming jobs in acro.  No one can even begin to count the amount of volunteer hours she has put in to our sport!

As a judge Selena quickly moved up the levels of internationally ranked Brevet judges.  She judged at countless international meets.  Her knowledge and expertise made her a “go-to” person whenever there were questions about tariff sheets or international rules.  Selena always had the right answers!

There’s not enough time to accurately account for everything Selena has done for the sport of acrobatics in the USA.  We want to truly thank and honor Selena for everything she has done over her 40 plus years in the sport!

Judges Award Winners

High Score JO Levels 5-6


L6 WP (CCG) – Sofia Corales & Briton Desantis – combined routine 27.33

High Score JO Levels 7-10


L10 WG (CCG) – Marley Aamodt, Grace Gootee, Allison Hughs – balance routine 35.9

High Score International


Sr Elite WP (AGSA) – Emily Davis & Aubrey Rosilier – combined routine 28.5

Best Artistic Performance JO Levels 7-10


L8 WP (AGSA) – Delaney Lizama & Rylee Pirtle – dynamic routine

Best Artistic Performance International


11-16 WG (WOGA) – Polina Bakman, Aubrey Nguyen, Remi Nguyen – dynamic routine

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Acro Documentary Hits Festivals Soon



Former USA National Champion and FIG World Class Gymnast Beth Landeche has been busy since retiring from the sport in 2013. In the four years since her last Acro competition as a women’s pair with partner Nicole Barrilleaux, she has been relishing a new role — that of a college student. Landeche graduated in May with a degree in Film and Television from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA, and her senior project was a documentary short on the sport she loved since the age of 10: acrobatics.

The documentary film follows two acro partnerships from her home gym, Crescent City Gymnastics (CCG) in New Orleans, LA. Samantha Conway & Lally Seither, a Jr Elite 13-19 women’s pair, and Nate Brooks & Brody Seither, a Jr Elite 12-18 men’s pair, are all junior national team members training under CCG head coach, Gawain Dupree. The film includes personal interviews with the athletes and glimpses into the training life of elite acrobats.

When asked why she chose to begin this project, Landeche said, “I wanted to make this film to share why acro is so unique which is because it’s a partnered sport and we rely on each other so much. I hope to one day when I have the time and money to turn this into a feature length film to explore acro around the country and the world. I hope to finally get acro the exposure it needs.”

Acrobatic Gymnastics, or acro for short, has been a gymnastics discipline in Europe since the early 20th century and was established in the United States in the 1970s. While not currently an Olympic sport, acro has been gaining notability with the general public thanks in part to groups like Acro Army, who were finalists on the 9th season of NBC’s America’s Got Talent. In 2018, acro will have it’s debut in the Youth Olympic Games, hopefully paving the way for the sport to one day achieve Olympic status.

Landeche’s film, titled Hand to Hand, will debut in the Austin Spotlight Film Festival this month. It’s also been entered into the Louisiana International Film Festival, the TIFF Kids International Film Festival in Canada, the Nantucket Film Festival, and the Kew Gardens Film Festival later this year.

Follow Hand to Hand An Acro Documentary on Facebook for the latest updates!

Hand To Hand Trailer from Beth Landeche on Vimeo.